Buy a licence of WWShop for 1 year

You agree by your registration to purchase a license from WWShop for 1 year. You have already tested the DEMO version of WWShop and you agree to pay the non-refundable sum of 250€ excluding VAT. You also agree that your personal data such as your name, first name, email address and license information may be stored in our database. You understand that refusing to share this data does not allow you to use WWShop. You can cancel your registration and ask to delete your data at any time, but no refund will be made even if you have many valid months remaining in your licence year. You understand that it is not possible to transfer an account to another person, the account is linked to the original person when it is registered.
How do I pay for my WWShop license?

You can get a license with Paypal, click on the picture Paypal:

Or you can pay 302.5€ TTC (250€ excl. VAT) to this bank account:
Name: Digital3D
IBAN: BE09 3630 5562 1557
Communication: - Your E-MAIL

After receiving your payment, your license will be activated and you will receive an invoice.